Rosolo – Motion Graphic Design and illustration


I am a Copenhagen based motion graphics designer and illustrator with a bachelor in visual communication from DMJX, and a background as a graphic designer. 

I love the visual media and the challenges it brings. Whether it's an illustration, a storyboard, an explainer video, design, animation, a live shoot or similar, I always pursue the best results within the boundaries given. 

I thrive in the constant evolving environment and strive continuously to evolve my creative abilities and knowledge.

In my career I have had the amazing opportunity to lead projects from idea to finished product, and co-creating with other creatives.
I enjoy the flexibility it gives me to adapt whether it’s a big team project or something I have to approach as a one man army.

I live with my lovely wife and our 2 toddlers in what I would define as a tiny house, with a grand garden which we love spending our time in. Once in a while when I have a little time on my own, I enjoy drawing from imagination and the life that surrounds me, or fiddling with my growing collection of instruments. 
0045 30 27 74 74 

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