Rosolo – Motion Graphic Design and illustration

Bolig Social explainers for SoMe 2022

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Bolig Social to create 2 animated explainer videos for their social media channels.

To ensure a successful outcome, I spent time understanding their previous projects and used them as inspiration. After receiving the script, I created a storyboard and worked closely with Bolig Social to finalize the illustration style. Using Adobe Illustrator, I created all the necessary assets and produced an animatic (both available at the bottom of the page). With the right music and character selection, I used After Effects to create the final product. Overall, it was a great experience working with Bolig Social to produce engaging social media content for their audience.

Helicopter illustration for BL explainer

SoMe explainer vidoes for BL

Illustartor and After Effects
Bolig Social
Year: 2022


Animatic's for the 2 explainers

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